Happy Monday is a simple, useful idea.


It started as my creative way of saying “THANK YOU” to friends and my family who have played a positive role in shaping my life and the lives of others.


Filming started in October 2012 with nothing more than my trusty iPhone 4 and a cup of tea in my Nan & Pop’s living room in Sydney Australia. From Nan & Pop’s living room, this 100% self-funded project of gratitude saw me criss-crossing Australia as well as connecting virtually with friends spread-out across the globe.


The underlying intent of this project has always been to share a useful catalogue featuring self-reflective stories of how people from different places, ages, genders and backgrounds experience positive engagement or ‘happiness’ as well often call it.


Enjoy exploring this wellspring of wise thoughts, healthy habits and imaginative ideas.


Be well, Kristian 🙂


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