Happy Monday is a simple idea.


It is my creative way of saying THANK YOU to friends [new & old] & my family who have played a positive role in my life + the lives of others.


Filming started in October 2012 with nothing more than my trusty i-phone 4 + a cup of tea in my Nan & Pop’s living room in South West Sydney.

From Nan & Pop’s living room this 100% self-funded project of gratitude has taken me down to Tasmania, criss-crossing NSW & up into sunny Queensland with the Northern Territory my next stop!


Along the way family, friends & facebook strangers have encouraged me to share these short films with them & their friends so that we can learn from one another’s experience of Happiness. 


…& so Happy Monday was born.


*Each Monday at 10am (AEST) a “new” Happy Monday Episode will be released so that we all can start our week with a Happy Monday!


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